Cherish every moment you get with the one you love. You truly don’t know how much time you will get with them. Some couples may not get the chance to see each other whenever they want. Remind them everyday of how much you love them and care for them. Don’t argue over little things and don’t go to bed angry. Tell them how beautiful they are and what makes them special. Remember the little things and simple details about one another. Be best friends with the one you love. Never lie. Never cheat. Always be honest and tell the truth. Be close with their family. Do whatever you can, within your power, to make them happy.

Let’s run away. Let’s just get away from this place. Let’s go somewhere far away from everyone. Only me & you. With no one else to judge us or to control us. We’ll live together, happily. I’ll cook for you, take care of you, sleep next to you, cuddle with you, make you happy, help you make your dreams come true, be there for you in every moment, hug you when you need a hug, kiss you, love you always and forever. I want to take care of you. Let’s just run away.

It’s been awhile. Tomorrow is the six month anniversary of when my life changed completely. When I found the one I love with my whole heart and couldn’t imagine life without now if you asked me to. It’s not six months of when we started dating (that’s on the 18th) so basically the week ahead is our anniversary of everything.

This weekend was also the first weekend I’ve been away from him in months. We do everything together and spend most of our time together, and have since June. Some I would think, would think that too much but it’s not the case with us. I never find me wishing that I could have time alone or why is always around. So needless to say I miss him. Especially since we went to a club & drunk guys were trying to dance with me -one guy asked if it was alright and I let him for a couple moments before we decided we were going to go, in order to get away from another guy who was extremely drunk.

And that’s the thing -I think it’s one thing to dance with a person for one song, and a completely different thing when the guy wants to dance every song and is trying to grab on to you. I don’t think my friend understood just how much I love my boyfriend and didn’t want this guy dancing like that with me. I learned a lesson last night -don’t go out to clubs without the boyfriend because it’s just not right.

Necklace boyfriend bought for me :)

Necklace boyfriend bought for me :)

Earrings my boyfriend bought at Kempenfest

Earrings my boyfriend bought at Kempenfest

Wake up feeling fat. Worst feeling ever. Pretty sure I’ve gained. Pretty sure I need to get back in shape

My boyfriend gave me a promise ring. An almost engaged/soon to be engaged ring. I am beyond ecstatic and no one gets it. No one can possibly know how happy he has made me and how I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

I never feel so much myself as when I’m in a hot bath.
The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath (via thecoldplaysscientist)

(via thecoldplaysscientist)

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He thinks I’m beautiful. He says I’m crazy for thinking I’m not. I love him